Journey with JET

Each year, JET sends volunteers on mission throughout the world for intercultural and missional experience. 

The JET are sent off to countries where the community is: in Israel, the Philippines, Chad, Madagascar, the Ivory Coast, Martinique, Lebanon, Mauritius and Bresil…

Training and support

To make the most of the JET experience, we prepare our volunteers at the beginning and they are supported right through the project and once they get back.

Personal interviews, preparation weekends at the start and a week of training for all the volunteers take place during the months before departure.

These training events prepare our heart and our minds to meet others: training in interpersonal skills (self-knowledge, intercultural sensitivity, world inequalities, Church Social Doctrine…), spiritual training (biblical, theological, pastoral…)

Stage 1 : information and discernement weekend
Stage 2 : « Preparing To Leave » Weekend
Stage 3 : : week for all volunteers
Stage 4 : training possible for 3 months at Hautecombe Abbey in France (“Hautecombe Discipleship School“) or in Zaragoza Chartreuse in Spain

Missional Dimension

Each young person is sent on mission by the Chemin Neuf Community who give the volunteer a specific project to undertake.

Missions can be very varied according to the needs of the country, the qualifications of the young person and the needs on the ground: be they medical, social, agricultural, educational, literacy-based, welcoming of pilgrims, construction workshops, pastoral, management…

Spiritual dimension

“The secret to the success of an entire project is the constant referring back to Jesus. This requires prolonged times of prayer and an attentive and constant listening to the Word of God.” 

Saint John-Paul II

Each day, the volunteer enters into personal, community and liturgical prayer which gives him/her the strength to serve and give of him/herself! Regular spiritual accompaniment is offered on the ground during the whole of the volunteer’s mission.

Community Dimension

Life in fellowship and community is at the heart of the JET movement – it sustains our whole mission.

Each young person on JET will live in a Chemin Neuf Community house and will share in the main parts of the daily life there. The young person on JET will have the chance to live with brothers and sisters of the Community who may come from a variety of different countries and nationalities, given that the Community is international in membership.

Integral Ecology Dimension

To be converted by reading and putting into practice the Encyclical Laudato SI’ of Pope Francis on “safeguarding the common home”.

Rediscover a fair relationship to the land and live in coherence of life (vegetable garden, orchard, compost, etc.)