Ivory Coast


The Chemin Neuf Community is based in Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast, at Tibériade near to Grand Lahou in the bush where we have a training centre, and at Gagnoa in the centre of the country, where we run a school and a boarding facility for young girls.

At Tibériade (Grand Lahou)

  • Daily jobs at the training centre run by the Chemin Neuf Community: manual jobs, gardening, banana growing etc
  • Educational mission and support for the children who go to school in the village of Liboli
  • Literacy mission for adults at Camp Bénin, a fishing village

At Gagnoa

  • Teen education mission at a boarding school run by the Chemin Neuf 
  • Working alongside disabled children with the association “Arc-en-Ciel” (“Rainbow”)